Sunday, August 19, 2012

Abbie Fest: 2012: Day III

Poster art from the Mary-Arrchie Facebook page.

The Abbie Hoffman Died For Our Sins XXIV festival finishes up at the Mary-Arrchie Theatre with a full day of drama, comedy, and performance art. Here’s a look at the schedule.

9:00 AM 80 Liters by John Irish-John Irish

10:00 AM Tai Chi Master Daniel Guidara Guidara is a patient and knowledgeable instructor. An interesting way to kick off Day 3 of The Abbie Fest.

11:00 AM The Dress by Daniel Vuillaume  - Nothing Special Productions.

11:30 AM Wild Dogs by Matt Borczon-Mary - Arrchie Theatre Co. This comedy/drama is a showcase for Rich Cotovsky’s in-your-face acting style. A deranged loner and an uptight businessman who was recently thrown out by his wife become uneasy allies after a bout of heavy drinking and fighting.

12:00 PM Readings from Steal This Urine Test by Abbie Hoffman

12:30 PM ======= Talk - A Red Orchid Theatre

1:15 PM L’il Howlin’ Wolf Another quick shot of blues.

1:30 PM Militia Slumber Party or Embracing the New World Order by Crystal Jackson All Fired Up by John Bohane and Once Upon an “F”ing Island by Jay C. Rehak - Revolution Theater Co.

2:25 PM A Rocketship In A Hurry by Allyson M. Gonzalez and Marissa Chastain - Stand On Your Hands and Clap

2:45 PM All The Smart Choices by Jeff Newman - Rum And Coke

3:30 PM The Opening and Reading Habits of the Drowned Novelist by Bilal Dardai - Paperback Theatre Project

4:30 PM Honor by Allison Bodnar Jaros - The Disrespectful Ensemble

5:30 PM Murphy’s Law by Jim Lynch - Magpie

5:50 PM Murphy’s American Wake by Jim Lynch - Magpie 

6:10 PM To A God Unknown by Mike Cherry - Mike Cherry

6;45 PM Dead People’s Things by Nick Patrie - Trained Monkey Productions

7:05 PM The O’Brothers Present….The O’Brothers! - The O’Brothers

8:05 PM El Chautaugqua by Existential Crisis - Existential Crises

8:35 PM It’s My Penis and I’ll Cry If I Want To by Jamie Black - Jamie Black

9:15 PM An Awful Night Of Crap by Travis Barnhart, Kristi Barnhart, Spenser Davis, Ben Hertel, Dan Krall and Josh Zagoren - Hobo Junction Productions

10:05 PM Good Times Shakespeare! by Emmet Rensin - First Floor Theater

10:40 PM Murder Ballads by Rough House - Rough House

11:30 PM. Gas Mask 101 by Arlene Cook - Mary-Arrchie Theatre Co. Cook’s comedic look at SUI students back in the Viet Nam era is traditionally the last play of each year’s Abbie Fest.

12:20 AM  Closing Ceremonies featuring Richard Cotovsky as Abbie Hoffman In character as Hoffman, Cotovsky bids farewell to the audience for another year. The solemn but funny ritual often involves cast members from Mary-Arrchie and other groups as Hoffman is entombed to the strains of The Doors’ “The End.” Festival regulars view attending this finale as a badge of honor.

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