Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CD Review: - The Get Quick - How The Story Goes

Here’s a review I did for the Illinois Entertainer a few years back.

Eleven tracks delivered in 30 minutes on How The Story Goes firmly establishes The Get Quick as masters of short, guitar-driven songs. The Philadelphia-based band works primarily in a power pop vein, but continually adds twists and turns while lead vocalist-guitarist Erik Evol spikes his songs with a wry sense of humor. On the melodic “Live Without It,” he sounds like David Bowie while singing, “Your face looks like a snowflake I tracked inside.” “New Plimsoles” combines surf guitar, guest musician David Fishkin’s saxophone, and glam rock vocals.

“I Heard About You” shifts easily through slow and fast tempos, creating an intricate pop gem with help from guests violinist Maura Hallowell and organist Dr. Phil Watson. “Here She Comes” is a dreamy, mid-tempo look at unrequited love, while the political satire of “Lose It All” sounds like a party song set to a pounding drumbeat. Bass player Jamie Mahon adds to the selection of well-crafted pop songs on How The Story Goes with his energetic “Talk About You Today.”

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