Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Ravines - Everything’s Fine

Everything’s Fine is the first album from The Ravines since they released their debut Manifesto Of A Broken Heart in 2005. The English quartet is comprised of vocalist Chris Corney and drummer James Crossley from The Contrast, along with bassist Andy Hawkins and backup vocalist Suzanna Benn. From the opening track, it’s evident The Ravines haven’t lost their touch for crafting power pop with strong melodies and soaring harmony vocals.

A few of the arrangements border on being too commercial, and it’s surprising how much these guys sound like Yanks. The title track evokes Fountains Of Wayne, and like the toe-tapping “Right Man, Wrong Time,” has a bit of a Country And Western feel. “Blue Eyes” and “Dead Letters” are well-crafted, though not particularly memorable, and “Queen Bee” is an appealing acoustic number.

The Ravines are more impressive on “Daydream,” which could have been a smash in the 1980s, and the catchy pop of “Working Class Girl.” The best track here is “It’s Only Love,” which packs a punch while tapping into the distinctive jangle of The Byrds. Everything’s Fine pretty much lives up to its name, but could have been even better if The Ravines had given it more of an edge.


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