Thursday, June 23, 2016

Arvidson And Butterflies - Arvidson And Butterflies

Roger Arvidson, a Swedish singer-guitarist whose recording history stretches back to the previous century, seems to have butterflies on his mind these days. That’s what he calls the band of the veteran musicians backing him on this self-titled effort available from Kool Kat Musik, and it’s the name of one of his best new songs. Plus there’s a metamorphosis theme going on here, as Arvidson explores the various ways people outgrow each other in relationships. If that sounds too clinical, rest assured that these observations are couched in consistently inventive vocal stylings and guitar-driven arrangements.

“I’m changing into something new,” Arvidson sings on “Butterflies,” a catchy tune with impeccable harmony vocals. The acerbic “Tired Of Running” gets an authentic 1960s ambience built on Byrds-like ringing guitars, while “Will Follow,” a song about reluctantly staying in a stagnant situation, evokes the baroque pop of The Bee Gees in their earliest days. The list of energetic power pop gems includes “Part Of The Past,” “Lights Go Out,” and “Changing All The Time.”

Arvidson And Butterflies tap into other styles as well; creating a 1980s techno vibe via acoustic guitar and keyboards on “Want What I Can’t Have,” and adding an orchestral coda to “Change The World,” a much-needed call for people to “act wiser” and help each other. The delicate “Springbirds” pays tribute to the joys of seeing migratory birds in one’s garden. “People always tend to say a little more than I want to hear,” Arvidson complains on the nonetheless charming “Not A Dream,” but it’s not likely power pop fans will lose patience with this effort.

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