Monday, October 5, 2015

Why Do They Want Us To Walk When We Can Fly?

Here's a photo of my wife Pam and me from this afternoon at the same gazebo in Long Grove where our wedding photographer had us pose 19 years ago shortly after we got married. Few people know this, but green is the official color for a 19th anniversary, so we dressed accordingly and made sure we were surrounded by grass. We had an active day of merriment, dining, and wining. Well, I was wining. And on that note, here's a toast to my wife Pam, who set this blog up for me in August, 2009, and has been supportive and loving throughout our entire relationship.

Our first song at our wedding reception was the delicate ballad "Wings" by The Hollies. It's certainly not one of their better known songs, but it's a perfect choice for weddings because it addresses the challenges people who fall in love must face. Congratulations to Pam and myself and to all the couples out there determined to fly. 

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