Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Outryders - "Over The Scars"/"Look At What You've Done"

Australian singer/multi-instrumentalist Joe Algeri has often turned up on Broken Hearted Toy because of the amazing way he balances his prolific solo career with being in countless bands involving musicians located around the universe. His latest adventure finds Algeri serving as half of a 1980s/90s-drenched duo called The Outryders with guitarist/backing vocalist Paul Colombini. This time out, he doesnt need the magic of modern technology to collaborate, since Colombini is a close friend from Algeris high school days, who has previously performed with the bands Roadstar and Cherrytones.  

Both of the power pop tracks on The Outryders debut single were written by Colombini, and he shows a knack for catchy melodies and lyrics that focus on the painful side of relationships. On “Over The Scars, Algeris vocals (with Colombini backing him) sell the conflicted emotions of a guy who wishes his ex-girlfriend were around to see how well hes gotten over her. Guest musicians Herb Eimerman (Joes mate in The Britannicas) on bass and drummer Mark Sid Eaton create a driving beat that adds to the songs appeal.

The emotional damage inflicted in Look At What Youve Done, with its chorus of  Wake up! wake up! wake up! seems more the result of someone being careless than mean-spirited. Still, the lyrics also complain about being deceived. Colombini is particularly impressive on guitar and harmonies while Algeri sings lead and plays all the other instruments. The single is available for download on Algeris Bandcamp page.

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