Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Edward Rogers - Glass Marbles

English singer-songwriter Edward Rogers has become a well-known performer and show producer in New York since moving there a number of years ago. His latest effort Glass Marbles follows a similar approach as his 2014 album KAYE, with a mix of theatrical tunes delivered a voice reminiscent of David Bowie, and full-throttle rock songs. He’s backed by a quartet that includes Smithereens drummer Dennis Diken, along with several guest musicians.

After opening with the hard-edged and Bob Dylan-sounding “The World Of Mystery,” Rogers moves on to “Denmark Street Forgotten,” the first in a series of introspective tracks that explore life and relationships from different points of view. “Welcome To My Monday Morning” and “Blackpool Nights” are steeped in a British working-class sensibility, while the ornate “My Lady Blue” describes an outdoor one-night-stand in the pouring rain.

Rogers also succeeds with the more energetic fare, particularly the funky, guitar-driven title track and psychedelic “The Letter.” The catchy “Bright Star” is fueled by guitarist Don Piper and sounds like a Revolver era Beatles hit, while “Burn And Play” hammers home a message of treating people right. The same advice comes across in the childlike but appealing “I’m Your Everyday Man,” with lines like “Always pick peace and goodwill.”


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