Thursday, April 26, 2018

This Weekend At IPO

Photo from Jay Goeppner’s Facebook page.

International Pop Overthrow Chicago wraps up its 2018 run at the Heartland Café Bar with showcases this Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening. You’ll find links to all of the acts on the official IPO website, although there are still a few TBAs. Once again, I’m more familiar with some of these acts than others, and if I had to pick a favorite, it would be The Jay Goeppner Band at 11:45 tomorrow night. Like his pal and sometime bandmate Phil Angotti, Goeppner lives and breathes the 1960s and chooses the best bands to cover. I’m assuming he’ll do some originals too.

Some other recommendations would be Michael Steven Cohen, who formed three very good bands—The Abbeys, Pop Dollys, The Everly Hillbillies—and is an engaging solo performer. He kicks things off at 2:00 pm. on Saturday. The always fun Mike Vanderbilt And The Suburban Garage Sound go on at 5:00 p.m. The Queue has gone through some personnel changes over the years, but founder Sean Michael Mulligan can always be counted on for a good show. The band goes on at 8:45 on Saturday. The Bishop’s Daredevil Stunt Club just keeps releasing one good album after another, and they were impressive at a Power Pop Shoppe Showcase I caught a while back.

Several IPO regulars will be on hand; including Waiflike, The Joy Poppers, The Cells, Freetoed, and Too Much Saturn. You’ll also find Jason Batchko, The Mixture, Blameless Lake, Gal Gun, and Young Distractions. At this point, the very last act of the fest is a mystery.

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