Friday, November 20, 2009

Damn Right, I’ve Got The Drumstick!

As newspapers warn of a shortage of pumpkin pie this holiday season due to a skimpy harvest, we can take comfort in knowing the turkey day tradition of a late night blues bash is alive and kicking. SOPRO will be presenting its 27th Annual Thanksgiving All Star Blues Revue on Saturday, November 27th, at Tommy’s Place in Blue Island. A recent press release promises the event will start at 10:00PM and keep rocking until “Blue In The Morning!”

As in recent years, the headliners will be The Chicago Horns, the critically acclaimed jazz band that features Bill McFarland on trombone, Hank Ford on saxophone, Kenny Anderson on trumpet, and Tony Ferraro on saxophone. The group’s latest CD, Live Fire, showcases the musicians’ smooth jazz chops on some of their favorite songs, like “Harold The Great” and “Autumn Leaves.”

Other artists booked for this year’s all star revue include globe-trotting guitarist Joe Jammer, harmonica player/vocalist Doug Lee, drummer Patrick Doody, and vocalist Deb Seitz. In addition to live music, the evening will include special prizes.

SOPRO founders Bud Monaco and Red Rose got their start ages ago, promoting gigs at clubs like Haywires on Chicago’s southwest side. Or as the residents proudly call it, the sout’ side. They’ve since expanded to various suburbs, and a recent booking brought The Chicago Horns to The Joynt Retro Club & Swing Bar in downtown Chicago. Here’s hoping the Annual Thanksgiving All Star Blues Revue carries on the tradition for years to come. Tommy’s Place is located at 12237 S. Western in Blue Island. The phone number is 708-389-7810.

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