Wednesday, January 8, 2020


It will be a night of double fun this Friday at the Hey Nonny venue in Arlington Heights when rockabilly/garage rock band The Amazing Heeby Jeebies opens for surf rock instrumentalists Spies Who Surf. I have fond memories of seeing each of these guitar-driven acts, although it’s been much longer since I watched Spies Who Surf. (Probably at a Taste Of Lincoln Avenue outdoor festival.) The Amazing Heeby Jeebies have a charismatic lead vocalist in Ary Paloma Jeeby, who also keeps active in other music projects. It’s likely Spies Who Surf and The Amazing Heeby Jeebies will have CDs for sale at Hey Nonny, so if you like their shows, be sure to buy some albums.

The above-mentioned double bill is yet another example of Hey Nonny booking popular bands from Chicago’s club scene. Already the new year will bring gigs by Steve Dawson and Diane Christiansen from Dolly Varden, with special guest Chris Rawlins on January 17; guitarist Joel Paterson and The Modern Sounds on January 22; The Imperial Sound on February 7; and Tommi Zender with The 45 (featuring Chicago Cubs broadcaster/musician Len Kasper) on February 16. Hey Nonny will also host a Winter Blues Summit from January 31 through February 2.

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