Thursday, February 9, 2017

Your Own Private IPO

As I’ve said a number of times on this blog (and in articles for the Illinois Entertainer), International Pop Overthrow is a great way to discover new bands. Founder/CEO David Bash creates a unique mix of local talent and a few out-of-towners for each of the cities he visits on his annual tour. The schedules are posted in advance on his official IPO website, with links to most of the acts that will be involved. That makes it easy to find new music even if you can’t make it out to the live shows. The International Pop Overthrow CDs serve the same purpose, and the recently released three-CD collection Vol. 19 once again showcases power pop and indie rock acts associated with this traveling music festival.

Considering there are 65 songs on Vol. 19, you could practically stage your own International Pop Overthrow festival. Just put on a stylish hat and flip open your laptop to take notes and you can be just like David Bash. The CEO/Founder gets a shoutout from IPO vets The Tearaways on “BASH,” which sets a barrage of clever wordplay to a synth and guitar arrangement reminiscent of The Cars.

Although there are various shades of music on Vol. 19, all the acts seems to put an emphasis on creating a strong melody. Colorworks, Trip Wire, Yoav Arbel, and The Satisfied Minds opt for the lighter side of 1960s, while Awkward Talker, Metropolitan Farms, and The Starfire Band offer authentic garage rock. Ron Dante, marston, and The Black Lemons add a touch of rhythm and blues; Deborah Henriksson delves into jazz; and Nina And The Buffalo Riders offer some country and western twang. The always reliable Laurie Biagini once again adds a modern twist to the girl group sound.

International Pop Overthrow returns to Chicago for a nine-day run at The Red Line Tap starting on April 21.


Lou g said...

Nice article, Mr. Flamm. I hope to make this "IPO Festival" it sounds intriguing.

Terry Flamm said...

Thanks, Lou. I always enjoy seeing Van Go perform at IPO and at other venue around Chicago.

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