Monday, December 16, 2013

Digital Single Review: The Mites - “Washaway”

The Mites add elements of shoegazing and power pop to an indie rock approach on “Washaway,” a digital single that provides an enticing preview to their upcoming album. The band’s lead vocalist Ali Korte evokes Clare Grogan of Altered Images and Harriet Wheeler of The Sundays. Guitarist/songwriter Reed DeAngelis from the speed metal band Iron Age proves he’s versatile enough to play two entirely different genres, and drummer Raul Vela IV brings expertise from his work with Gleeson and Cottonwood Stills.

“Washaway” kicks off with some energetic guitar strumming before settling into a melodic arrangement featuring Korte’s dreamily layered vocals. The poetic lyrics, with lines like, “We’ll watch the world wash away” call to mind Modern English’s 1980 hit “I Melt With You,” suggesting it’s possible to escape the world’s hassles if you find the right person. The full-length debut from The Mites drops in March, 2014. Meanwhile, “Washaway” is available for a free download on their Bandcamp page.

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