Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Halloween Song: Phil Angotti - “I Might Come Back”

Singer-guitarist Phil Angotti is a veteran of the Chicago music scene who started out in The Idea before moving on to a successful solo career. His 2013 CD Life And Rhymes carries on the introspective mood of its immediate predecessor People And Places, but also has two tracks that would be well-suited for a rock and roll Halloween playlist. Last October, I did a profile on one of them; the clever and Byrds-influenced “I See Spaceships.”

The other song, “I Might Come Back,” evokes The Beatles in their psychedelic days, particularly George Harrison’s fascination with the afterlife. Angotti kicks it off by embracing the possibility of dying in his sleep, because he likes to just go with the flow, and has already led a full life. Plus, reincarnation offers a wealth of new possibilities. “You can say that like a cat, I’m curious,” Angotti explains, and envisions himself returning as a black dog, a raven spouting “Nevermore,” or a fly in the ointment. “I might be in the sky or something underground,” he adds. “When I’m gone, please look for me, I’m still around.”

These images are set to a melodic, guitar-driven arrangement that includes Ellis Clark on piano, Hammond organ, and backup vocals. Angotti is also ably assisted by bassist Charlie Short and drummer Brad Elvis. “I Might Come Back” is a far cry from Bobby Pickett’s “Monster Mash,” but it never hurts to add a little depth to your Halloween festivities.


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