Thursday, March 12, 2020

“Susie Survived Chemotherapy” - Kid Gulliver

Boston-based trio Kid Gulliver combines humor with an uplifting message on its new single “Susie Survived Chemotherapy,” and creates an energetic arrangement perfect for slam dancing. The title character not only has to contend with “a tumor that’s as big as the family cat” and the medical procedures needed to shrink it, but also with classmates who call her names and mock her bald head. Her mother struggles to explain why some kids behave that way. But Susie has the last laugh, after achieving “a miracle recovery.” She keeps the tumor in a glass jar by her bed and takes a pass on the formerly mean kids who now want to be her friends.

Kid Gulliver created a video for “Susie Survived Chemotherapy” that uses vintage discotheque footage and dancing scenes from the 1960s TV shows Batman and The Avengers. Combined with the song’s driving beat, it exudes a feeling of fun and celebration. It’s easy to imagine this song was written either by someone who overcame the ordeal of chemotherapy or was close to someone who did. Either way, it’s an inspiring effort. P.S. If you like “Susie Survived Chemotherapy,” you can find more catchy songs on Kid Gulliver’s 2018 EP Spree.

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