Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Song: The Wanton Looks - “Demons”

Following a tradition that began on Broken Hearted Toy in October of 2009, here’s a profile of a song that’s well-suited for the Halloween season. For more Halloween songs, check the month of October for each year in the BHT archives. 

The stark front cover art and predominantly black packaging for the 2012 self-titled full-length debut from The Wanton Looks casts an ominous vibe, and this Chicago-based trio got pretty scary on a rampaging track titled “Demons.” Propelled by Traci Trouble’s bass guitar, it forges punk and hard rock with a catchy melody in a way that evokes Joan Jett or L7. Trouble’s throaty vocals make this depiction of a woman haunted by terrifying visions sound entirely believable. “I see a face, it’s got metallic skin,” she sings. “He’s staring down at me. I’ll have to blink again.”

The situation gets worse at night, keeping the woman from being able to sleep. She tries to convince herself that what she’s seeing can’t be real, but the images are impossible to ignore. “I have to open my eyes to make it disappear.” Trouble and drummer Meg Thomas keep a relentless pace throughout “Demons,” creating a feeling of being chased, and there’s a hint of heavy metal stomp. Guitarist Inga Olson bursts in from time to time, and the song has an extended instrumental coda, as if leaving the visions to the listener’s imagination.

The Wanton Looks debut placed at No. 10 in the Broken Hearted Toy Top Releases of 2012.

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