Wednesday, April 13, 2016

IPO Opening Night

International Pop Overthrow returns to Chicago tomorrow night with the opening salvo of 13 multi-band showcases it will be holding through April 23 at the Red Line Tap. The IPO website has links to just about all the acts on the festival’s schedule.

Here’s tomorrow night’s lineup:

8:00 Thirsty Records recording artist Drew Neely will be performing an acoustic set.

8:45 Platform 29 will play classic rock influenced by The Beatles and The Grateful Dead, and is currently working on a followup to its debut album The Road We Walk Down.

9:30 Vinyl Skyway performs rock, pop, and folk music from its album Windfall.

10:15 Sasha’s Four Questions performs. The IPO site didn’t have a link for this act.

11:00 The nine-piece coed band Man Called Noon will close out the night with a mix of rock, soul, and Americana music.


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