Thursday, April 14, 2016

IPO Friday Night Preview

It will be an all-hometown feast tomorrow night as International Pop Overthrow continues its 2016 run at the Red Line Tap. Power pop is definitely on the menu, with added helpings of psychedelic and prog rock. At least five of the bands scheduled are IPO veterans.

Here’s a look at Friday’s lineup:

8:00 Sam Vicari - The singer-guitarist is in the midst of a tour across the U.S. and will likely be performing indie rock and power pop songs from his latest album Giving Up.

8:45 Aethereal - If this quartet’s name leads you to believe they’re into psychedelic and prog rock, you’re heading in the right direction. They’re on the local CAUDog label and have a new two-track single with the songs “Walking Away” and “Serenity Come Back To Me.”

9:30 Ellis Clark And The Big Parade - Clark is a veteran musician, recording artist, and producer (for the CAUDog label) on the Chicago music scene. He’s performed with Epicycle, Social Act, The Handcuffs, and on various solo projects. The Big Parade is his latest adventure with a full band, and for tomorrow night’s show, he’ll be joined by charismatic vocalist Ary Jeebie from Amazing Heeby Jeebies. Expect a few David Bowie covers and a variety of musical styles.

10:15 The Red Plastic Buddha - Led by vocalist-bassist Tim Ferguson, The Plastic Buddha has helped establish a vibrant psychedelic culture in Chicago. Their third and most adventurous album, Songs For Mara, featured mind-bending songs like “She’s An Alien” and “Stuck At Zero.”

11:00 The Velvet Cadillacs - These IPO - Chicago veterans mix revved up guitar-driven rock with a dash of Country & Western on satiric songs like “Holiday Day” and “Things I Plan To Do.” Their Wish I Was Cool CD is available on iTunes.

11:45 The Viaducts - Lead vocalist-guitarist Jimmy Rane draws from Buddy Holly on catchy songs like “Your Smiling Face (Walkin’ By In Blue Jeans),” while “Drive-Thru Girl” feels a bit more like The Ramones. Rane’s guitar playing is especially impressive live. The band has a full-length CD out titled, Mission To Destroy.

The festival runs through next Saturday night, April 23, so be sure to check out the official IPO site for the full schedule and any last-minute changes. Even if you’re not from Chicago or you can’t get to Red Line Tap, this website is a great resources for discovering new artists.


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