Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sounds Of Sputnik - New Born

There’s a sly sense of humor at work in the way the Russian shoegazer trio Sounds Of Sputnik has named itself after the space race igniting satellite its country launched back in 1957. The name also suggests that Roman Kalitkin, the veteran musician and driving force behind the band, wants his Sputnik to conquer the world. At least in terms of music. The debut album Newborn, featuring various guest producers, has been garnering praise and winning awards since being released late last year.

The Canadian-Ukrainian duo Ummagma joins Sounds Of Sputnik members Kalitkin, Shauna McLarnon, and Oleg Mezherovsky on the alluring “New Born” and “Light Scheme,” as well as on a variety of remix versions of those two songs. “Blizzard,” which grooves to 1980s style synthesizers, and “Shades Of The Cosmos,” a song with an intriguing espionage vibe, are instrumentals. “Overdrive,” which also finds Ummagma participating, mixes Deborah Harry style vocals with Newborn’s most rock-oriented track. Listening to all of the remixes of “New Born” and “Light Scheme” in one sitting could get repetitive; it’s better when each one is taken separately as its own adventure.


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