Tuesday, January 20, 2015

76 Reasons To Help Out Kids

While the biggest buzz among Kinks fans these days is whether or not the Davies brothers will agree on some sort of reunion to celebrate the band’s 50th Anniversary, there is another newsworthy Kinks-related event taking place. The six-part, various artists digital album Legends: Shoulder To Shoulder is being released tomorrow by The Pete Quaife Foundation. Quaife was the original bassist for The Kinks, and the foundation that was formed shortly after his death in 2010 has been raising funds in his honor to supply sterilized kindles, play stations, and other devices that can be used by children undergoing kidney dialysis. The musician himself had suffered through those monotonous treatments.

In Ken Sharp’s new book Play On! Power Pop Heroes Volume 1, Dave Davies talked about Quaife’s essential role in The Kinks. “Pete was there from the beginning with me and Ray, and in many ways, he acted as a go-between for me and Ray, which was very important.” Davies also described Quaife as optimistic, very clever, and an inspiring guy to be around. It’s nice to see those same qualities at work in the foundation that bears his name.

The 76 songs on Legends: Shoulder To Shoulder are a mix of Kinks cover tunes and original songs; recorded by famous acts and lesser-know groups. Noel Gallagher performs “Here Come The Nice,” Terry Reid/Kast off KinKs cover “Waterloo Sunset,” and The Jigsaw Seen contribute “This Is Where I Belong.” Other acts involved include Michael Des Barres, Tommy Keene, John Wicks and The Records, Peter Noone, Paul Weller, Roger McGuinn, Mike Pender’s Searchers, Johnette Napolitano, and Robin Hitchcock.

Legends: Shoulder To Shoulder will be available tomorrow on iTunes. The Peter Quaife Foundation has released other albums on its own record label, with money from the sales going to help children. You can buy the albums or make a donation on the official website.


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