Friday, May 24, 2013


BHT Welcomes The Stones To Chicago. Graphic from The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

The Gene Siskel Film Center presented the Chicago premiere of The Crumbles tonight. The 2012 film concerns a pair of female musicians (played by Teresa Michelle Lee and Katie Hipol) who form a band with a male drummer. The Crumbles, which the Film’s Center’s May program describes as a “winningly good-hearted movie,” will also be shown on Monday at 3:00 PM. It’s part of the Gene Siskel Film Center’s Asian American Showcase.

My Kingdom For A Harley. The revved-up version of Shakespeare’s Richard III that drew critical acclaim during its earlier stay at the Underground Wonder Bar can now be seen at the The Den Theatre  on Milwaukee Avenue from tonight through June 30th. Director Carlos Lorenzo Garcia, a veteran of the Mary-Arrchie Theatre, has re-imagined the Bard’s royal characters as warring bikers.

Speaking of the Mary-Arrchie Theatre, its highly successful take on Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie is also coming back. Director/performer Han Fleischmann’s bold reworking resulted in sold-out shows and rave reviews during its last run. This time, it’s being staged (with the same cast) at Theatre Wit, rather than at Mary-Archie’s home base. All the people who missed The Glass Menagerie last time around will have until June 30th to catch it.

The Rolling Stones are coming to Chicago next Friday, May 31st, and then they’re going to stay here! Well, until June 3rd, for the last of their three concerts at the United Center. WXRT featured The Stones today and DJ Terri Hemmert speculated that Mick and the lads might be seen hanging out here during that time. The gazebo in my backyard is available for practice if they need it.

Too bad The Stones won’t still be in town on June 8th for the free admission, all-ages Rolling Stones Tribute Show being held at the Brother K Coffeehouse in Evanston. It’s another event organized by alt rockers whitewolfsonicprincess, who’ve honored John Lennon and Neil Young in the past. Some of the acts scheduled to join wwsp include Hannah Frank, Mr. Mo, The Alley Cats, Dave Newman, and The Rut.

In related news, The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame opened its new Rolling Stones: 50 Years Of Satisfaction exhibit at its headquarters in Cleveland today. Fans can check out 4,000 square feet of instruments, clothing, art, and other memorabilia.

Power pop band The Viaducts hope to usher in the Summer next Friday night at Phyllis’s Musical Inn on Division in Chicago. Suicide Bunnies are also on the bill. The show starts at 9:00 PM. The Viaducts, led by singer-guitarist Jimmy Rane, performed at International Pop Overthrow - Chicago last month.

Meanwhile, International Pop Overthrow opened in London tonight at the Surya venue and will stay throughout the weekend. The Len Price 3 will be performing tomorrow at 10:15 PM, and other acts include Spygenius, Dave Rave, and The 286, who bill themselves as “The UK’s only rock orchestra.” As I often do when IPO hits another town, I did some research on the London schedule and found at least two new acts, Semion and The Silver Factory, that I had never heard of before, but instantly liked. So by all means, use that IPO website as a means of discovering new music. 

Crushed Out, the hard-hitting duo comprised of vocalist-guitarist Frank Hoier and drummer Moselle Spiller, will be performing at the Paper City Music Festival in Chillicothe, OH on June 15th. Crushed Out’s 2012 release, Want To Give, was a freewheeling blend of rock-a-billy, punk and hard rock. The David Mayfield Parade and PALEFACE! are also part of the Paper City Music Festival, which will be held at the Majestic Theatre. 


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