Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Webstirs: Are They Not Devo?

Halloweekend, that annual two-night rock and roll tribute event, has drifted like a restless spirit across the Chicago club scene over the past few years. After haunting The Abbey Pub, it moved on to Martyrs', and last year, it was staged at the Wall To Wall Recording studio just north of downtown. The Webstirs have been regular participants (although they didn't make it last year) and I recently saw a Facebook post from them about performing as Devo at The High-Hat Club on Irving Park Road on October 30, as part of Halloweekend 2015. I haven't heard about any other bands being involved, and the problem with searching on Halloweekend is that there are a million events going on under that name.

Eventually, all the Halloweekend details will emerge from the shadows, but in the meantime, it's appropriate to consider Devo's oeuvre in the realm of Halloween music. They certainly terrified traditional rock fans with their robotic cover of The Rolling Stones; "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" in 1978. Their imaginatively
creepy stage and video outfits now are available as Halloween costumes on the band's official website. The de-evolution concept behind the band conjures visions of humanity reduced to uncontrollable urges and primitive ignorance. Devo's deceptively optimistic single "Beautiful World" set up a global paradise for the sole purpose of heaping scorn on it.
There are no tour dates currently listed on the Devo website. But it's a safe bet The Webstirs, who have done a bang-up job of covering Chicago and ABBA at past Halloweekend shows, will offer an entertaining take on Devo's lunacy.   

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