Monday, September 24, 2012

CD Review: Magatha Trysty - Your Clothes Will Wear Themselves

Magatha Trysty has maintained a steady presence on the local club scene since its International Pop Overthrow- Chicago debut a few years back. The quartet fields two strong lead singers in the husband and wife team of keyboards player Catherine Louise and guitarist Chris Bevard, while consistently finding inventive ways to mix indie rock and power pop. Bassist Billy Blastoff also chimes in on harmony vocals. Your Clothes Will Wear Themselves is a self-assured debut, brimming with irresistible melodies and biting lyrics about troubled relationships.

“Want To Stay” immediately establishes the band’s dynamic male-female shared lead vocal approach; evoking Let’s Active or a coed version of The dB’s. Catherine Louise and Bevard work that same magic for the high-energy satire of “Art Zero” and “Printer's Row.” On the tracks where one mostly sings lead, the other is never too far away, eager to jump in on the chorus. John Monaghan’s rolling drumbeat propels “Saturday Dress” while Catherine Louise’s pristine vocals add a touch of folk to the 1980s style arrangement. Magatha Trysty takes a breather on the more subtle “Dimestore Fairytale” and “Another Lovely Party.” Even on a CD enriched with immediate grabbers, “Clairvoyant” stands out as a classic throwback to Chicago’s nascent punk/new wave scene, with a powerful blend of guitars and keyboards.

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