Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ex Hex - Rips

Ex Hex has been building a loyal following and collecting rave reviews since releasing its aptly named debut CD Rips last October. The Washington D.C. trio is comprised of alt rock veterans vocalist-guitarist Mary Timony (formerly with Wild Flag), drummer Laura Harris, and bassist Betsy Wright. Their high-energy songs hark back to the dawn of punk and new wave with hard-edged but irresistibly fun arrangements. 

“When you count on nothing, nothing comes along,” Timony warns on”Beast,” a high-speed romp that could have fit in perfectly on a Ramones LP. “How You Got That Girl,” which echoes The Cars’ “My Best Friend’s Girl” is a sobering look at a love/hate relationship. “You Fell Apart” throws several barbs in the direction of a creepy guy, and there’s also relationship trouble on the garage rock gem “Don’t Wanna Lose.” Ex Hex continues its authentic punk approach on “Waterfall,”  “New Kid,” and “War Paint,” while on the less manic “Waste Your Time,” Timony sings, “I just want to dance now.”


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