Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blue Whiskey And A Rom-Com Latte

Photo from the Close Quarters Facebook page.

People coming to the Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival in Palatine tonight might want to pick something up at Starbucks along the way. (There’s one located in the train station.) The main feature is director Jack C. Newell’s feature-length comedy, Close Quarters, which centers on a pair of romantically involved baristas working an extra shift together. As the baristas attempt to come to terms with their relationship, several customers get in the way of their conversation, and might spark even further complications. Close Quarters has been an Official Selection at the Chicago Comedy Film Festival; Kansas International Film Festival; Montreal World Film Festival; and the Midwest Independent Film Festival

Close Quarters will be preceded by four shorter films: When I Saw You, director Jane Hancock’s romantic drama inspired by people trying to make connections through personal ads after they failed to make them in person; Safety, a comedy/drama from director Rory Uphold about the complications that arise when a woman uses casual sex to forget the pain of a failed relationship; Best Of Both Worlds, a comedy directed by Michael Dunker in which a guy on the dating scene encounters someone who’s a woman by night and a man during the day; and Shrink; Ted Tremper’s improv-fueled comedy about a doctor’s quest to become a licensed therapist by embarking on a marathon of performing clinical therapy.   


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