Monday, July 15, 2013

45 RPM Preview: Jack Ellister - “Dawn Dream Club”

Fruits de Mer, the independent UK label devoted to releasing vinyl recordings of neo psychedelic and prog rock artists, has a batch of new singles coming out on August 10th. Each of the 45s will be limited editions on colored vinyl. Here’s a look at another of those Fruits de Mer singles: 

Jack Ellister is a prime example of Fruits de Mer’s mission to search the universe for artists who fit its eccentric vision. He’s the former leader of the Holland-based psychedelic/prog rock band Yordan Orchestra, and also logged time with a group called Angina Pectoris. His second FdM 45 (following his own composition, “The Man With The Biochopper”) offers three cover versions. 

George Harrison’s spiritually inclined “Within You Without You,” from The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper LP, gets a slightly faster spin, as well as a steady drum beat that gives it a tribal feel. Ellister’s vocals float majestically above this exotic arrangement, which includes some freewheeling instrumental passages. His take on English musician-painter Mark Fry's “Song For Wilde” isn’t as distinctive as the other two tracks, but it does have a peaceful vibe based on acoustic guitar and keyboards. 

A cover of Syd Barrett’s “Flaming,” from the Pink Floyd album, Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, is particularly well-suited to Ellister’s obvious affection for 1960s psychedelia. His vocal style nails Barrett’s offbeat charm perfectly on this tripped-out journey through the beauty of nature. Ellister is going to be part of the Fruits de Mer All Dayer Festival at The Borderline in London on August 10th, along with Stay, Sendilica, Chicago’s own The Luck Of Eden Halland 1960s icons The Pretty Things.


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