Thursday, July 18, 2013

45 RPM Preview - Stay - Mersey Dream

Fruits de Mer, the independent UK label devoted to releasing vinyl recordings of neo psychedelic and prog rock artists, has a batch of new singles coming out on August 10th. Each of the 45s will be limited editions on colored vinyl. Here’s a look at one more of those Fruits de Mer singles:

Psychedelic rock reigns in Spain, especially as interpreted by the Barcelona-based quartet, Stay. Its new single, Mersey Dream, immerses listeners in the adventurous genre over the course of three cover versions and one original. The lyrics are sung in English with hardly a trace of a Spanish accent, and layered over arrangements that recall the way 1990s bands like Inspiral Carpets and Charlatans UK reinvented “Hush” era Deep Purple.

Stay is the third band I’ve heard successfully navigate The Beatles’ “If I Needed Someone,”  but whereas The Hollies and The Cryan Shames kept close to George Harrison’s version, Stay adds sitar and a rampaging bass. Marmalade’s “I See The Rain,” a mid-tempo look at how weather affects people’s moods, worked when Susanna Hoffs and Matthew Sweet covered it on their Under The Covers compilation, and it’s a winner here as well. Stay shows impeccable taste in choosing the obscure English band The Fairytale’s mind-altering and enticing “Guess I Was Dreaming,” and impresses with its own “Mersey Dream.” The energetic title track is an irresistible invitation to experience this inventive band’s positive vibes.

Stay has toured with Beady Eye and Ocean Colour Scene, and is going to be part of the Fruits de Mer All Dayer Festival at The Borderline in London on August 10th, along with 1960s icons The Pretty Things, Jack Ellister, Sendilica, and Chicago’s own The Luck Of Eden Hall. 


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