Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Early Bird Gets The RPM

This year’s Record Store Day takes place on April 21 and the massive list of limited-edition, one-day only vinyl releases can be found on the official website. Just about every genre is represented, including hip hop, country, blues, jazz, and numerous variations of rock and roll. There are seven-inch singles, ten-inch EPs, single albums, double albums, even quadruple albums. This month’s issue of the Illinois Entertainer also has the list, as well as an index of local retailers who are taking part.

The charm—or curse—depending on your point of view, is the old school method RSD employs. In order to have the best shot at purchasing these records, shoppers have to get up early on that Saturday morning, make their way to their chosen record store, and wait in an extended line outside until the store opens. Of course, some of these releases will eventually wind up on eBay, but if you really want a particular title, you’re taking a risk by going that route. Plus, the old school way is more fun, especially if you celebrate your acquisitions afterward over a bowl of hot rum punch (or at Starbucks) and check out some of the in-store live performances.

Here’s a sampling of the artists who have releases coming out on Record Store Day.

B-52’s; The Kinks; Belly; Chuck Berry; The Regrettes; Cypress Hill; Steve Earle And The Dukes; David Bowie; The Flaming Lips; Jeff Buckley; Circle Jerks; Sun Ra; Living Colour; Johnny Cash; The Cure; Grateful Dead; Jimi Hendrix; Eric Clapton; MC5; Duran Duran; Albert Hammond Jr.; Led Zeppelin; Lou Reed; U2; Tom Waits; The Stooges; Prince; The Smithereens; Tangerine Dream; Question Mark and The Mysterians; Wilco; Dickey Betts; The Police; Marvin Gaye; Small Faces; The Who; Ella Fitzgerald; Air; Dr. Dre; John Coltrane; The Residents; Arthur Lee and Love; Jeff Beck; The Rolling Stones; Neil Young; Jethro Tull; Pink Floyd; and The Ramones.

By the way, Record Store Day is also held in other countries, and they each have their own list of releases. That’s where eBay comes into play. Unless you’re planning a trip to London.

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