Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Beatles (Tributes) For Sale

The 50th Anniversary edition of Abbey Road comes out this Friday as a double CD, and for those willing to spend a little more money, a Super Deluxe edition that includes three CDs, a Blu-ray disc, and 100-page hardbound book. It’s also available in a vinyl picture disc. The new Abbey Road releases might be the inspiration behind an interesting pair of Beatles-related performances coming up at Martyrs's on Lincoln Avenue in the next few weeks. But then, these particular Chicago area musicians are always up for a Fab Four-related bash.

This Saturday night, Ary Paloma Jeebie from the Amazing Heeby Jeebies and Ellis Clark (Epicycle, Social Act, and solo artist) will celebrate John Lennon’s birthday at Martyrs’. They joined forces for a tribute to George Harrison at Fest For Beatles Fans – Chicago this past August, and the duo has hosted a fabulous George birthday bash at Martyrs’ for the past few years. This Saturday, Paloma Jeebie and Clark will be joined by the Plastic Orwell Band (featuring Chloe F. Orwell and Brad Elvis of The Handcuffs); Jay Goeppner from Backdated; vocalist Phoenix, rhythm and blues singer Gerald McClendon, and others. Ken Mottet will serve as MC. The show starts at 8:00 p.m.

A few weeks later—on October 9—Phil Angotti will be hosting a John Lennon birthday party at Martyrs’ that will include special guests as well as readings from some of Lennon’s books. Angotti also performed at Fest For Beatles Fans - Chicago this past August, and has done tribute shows around the Chicago area for The Zombies, The Monkees, The Bee Gees, and other acts. He’s a veteran of Chicago’s power pop scene, having started with The Idea several years back, and currently performs with Material Reissue.

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