Tuesday, May 14, 2013

CD Review: Go Time! - Tight Like Wood

Note: Go Time! is having a release party for Tight Like Wood on Saturday, June 1st  at Silvie’s Lounge on Irving Park Road in Chicago.

It’s not surprising to find Go Time! pursuing a melodic sound that bridges the gap between hard rock and power pop on its latest release. The Chicago-based quartet has done well with that approach on its previous CDs, Hit It and Boneshaker. Lead vocalist-guitarist Scott Niekelski retains his distinctive, talky delivery on the 16-track Tight Like Wood, but the music is definitely more complex, with Go Time! infusing the energetic arrangements with more nuances and dimensions while Niekelski hones his songwriting skills.

The immediately engaging “The Life We Once Knew” is a prime example, with its masterful blend of acoustic and electric guitars. On “Days Of The Weak,” Go Time! builds a big sound with guitars and keyboards, while the mid-tempo “Thought You’d See” evokes R.E.M., with an additional touch of Country & Western. “In A Certain Mood” offers another guitar showcase from Niekelski and Paul Schmidt; sounding like something The Rolling Stones might have unleashed in the 1970s. In addition to these more complex songs, Go Time! also performs straight up hard rock on “The Lines Were Blurred” and “Live  Today... Die Another,” which is driven by Mark Marketti’s powerful bass lines. Throughout Tight Like Wood, Go Time! keeps the emphasis on strong melodies.


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